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Tire Deconstruction Flow

Tire Recycling Machines

EECO’s state-of-the-art tire cutting machines work in three stages to break down tires into their usable parts, maximizing value and minimizing investment. Each of EECO's used tire recycling machines is designed to perform a role in deconstructing a specific part of a type or range of tires. This modular nature allows business owners to size their processing capacity to match their needs and grow over time without a large capital investment. Our standard line of scrap tire recycling machines deconstructs car and light truck tires from passenger vehicles while our truck tire variants deconstruct, you guessed it, truck tires as well as passenger car tires, aircraft tires, and super singles.

EECO has the finest industrial tire recycling equipment for sale in the USA and the most outstanding customer service you will find anywhere.

Know the Stages

Stage 1

Stage 1 machines are built to remove the sidewalls from whole tires. There are a number of reasons to remove sidewalls, including:

  • Easier shredding. Sidewalls have a steel bead or belt that runs along the bottom edge. With the sidewalls removed, tire shredding can be done more easily.
  • Tighter compressing. Isolated tread is easier to compress and bale, even for large truck tires.
  • Less water retention. Once the sidewalls are removed, there’s nowhere for water to collect and sit. This means fewer mosquitos.
  • More value. Once separate, treads and sidewalls can be sold as is or further broken down into smaller components. Tires contain rich resources that are useful in a variety of industries.

Stage 2

Stage 2 machines further process separated sidewalls and treads. EECO sells three basic types of stage 2 machines. Our bead removers isolate the steel bead from sidewall, leaving you with a rubber sidewall that is 100% steel-free and a band of steel that can easily be recycled. For further tread processing, we offer tread cutters and tread choppers. Waster tire cutters cut across the tread, helping break down the tire into more manageable chunks. Tread choppers and mobile tire shredders create chips for use as tire-derived aggregate or tire-derived fuel.

Stage 3

Stage 3 machines take tire materials from stage 2 and break them down even further. Stage 3 machines cut tread chunks into bands with straight edges and fixed widths and the tire sidewall chipper machine turns sidewalls into rubber mulch.

EECO’s waste tire recycling machines for sale come with our outstanding warranty and exceptional customer service. Call to ask about heavy tire recycling equipment prices today.