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A Tread Nesting Machine loaded with 7 treads nested into one another.
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A Tread Nesting Machine loaded with 7 treads nested into one another. A Tread Nesting Machine with 7 nested treads unloaded laying in front of the machine. Side (profile) view of a Tread Nesting Machine Side (profile) view of a Tread Nesting Machine with a tire loaded. 8 treads nested into 1 for a total of 131lbs

The TNM-1 Tread Nesting Machine quickly folds car and light truck tire treads and nests them into one another after sidewalls have been separated from a tire with EECO's Sidewall Remover. This nesting process dramatically reduces the space required per tread, simplifying storage and logistics. The machine is completely pneumatic, it is capable of nesting many more treads than an operator could do manually in a fraction the time. Operation is simple, start with the machine in the UP position:

  1. Place a tread over the tread draping shafts, firmly against the machine.
    Start with a small diameter tread and use progressively larger diameter treads.
  2. Switch the machine into the DOWN position.
  3. Load another tread. This may be done while the nesting action is in progress.
  4. Switch the machine back to the UP position.
  5. Repeat steps 2-3-4 until ~6-9 treads have been nested together.
  6. Remove the nested treads from the machine.

There is no regular maintenance required for this machine. The common wear parts (bearings, air hoses, etc.) are standard "off the shelf" parts. Most parts are available locally. All parts are available from EECO.

Function: Fold Tire Treads to Nest Within Another
  • Reduces volume of tire treads
  • Increases density of trailer loads

Input: Tire Treads
  • Tread rounds from passenger cars and light trucks which have had their sidewalls removed with a Sidewall Remover

Output: Nested Tire Treads
  • Nested Tire Tread Rounds
  • Nested Treads are ~6-9x the density of a single tire tread.
    Treads per nest will vary depending on thickness and diameter of input treads.

Production Rate:
  • Up to 40 Nested Tread Rounds per hour

Size & Weight:
  • Floor space: 33” x 33” x 7' (84cm x 84cm x 2.2m)
  • Weight: 300lbs (137Kg)

Cutting surface:
  • This machine does not cut treads, it folds them and as such requires no consumables.
  • For cutting treads, see the TC2-1 or T3C5-1 Tread Cutters.

  • This machine is does not directly require electricity, entirely pneumatic.

Compressed Air:
  • 120PSI @ 3-5CFM
  • 8.3 Bar @ ~140L/m
  • Requires 1/4 female NPT quick disconnect from air supply.

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