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BWR5-1 Tire Bead Wire Remover
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BWR5-1 Tire Bead Wire Remover BWR5-1 Tire Bead Wire Remover BWR5-1 Tire Bead Wire Remover BWR5-1 Tire Bead Wire Remover BWR5-1 Tire Bead Wire Remover

EECO has the BWR5-1 tire bead wire remover for sale. The BWR5-1 Bead Wire Remover extracts the steel bead wires from passenger and light truck tire sidewalls. Once the steel bead is removed, the steel and the steel-free rubber sidewall can each be recycled separately, maximizing value.

We have made debeading sidewalls extremely easy with this outstanding machine. Removing the sidewalls from the tread prior to extracting the beads is advised to maximize operator efficiency. To operate, simply:

  1. Place the sidewall onto the tension rollers with the face of the sidewall pointing toward the operator.
  2. Push the green button to start the cycle.
  3. Allow the machine to fully extract the wire bead.
  4. Push the red button to stop the cycle and allow the tension rollers to retract.

There are two cutting devices on this machine: a cutting blade that makes an incision in the bead and a pair of diffuser plates that assist with bead extraction. The cutting blade is made from a specially hardened tool steel that can be ordered from EECO or any vendor that supplies the correct size lathe cut-off tool. The diffuser plates are currently only available from EECO as they are specifically machined and hardened to maximize longevity. The cutting blade and diffusers can all be sharpened many times before needing to be replaced, requiring only an angle grinder, a vise, and some skill.

Since extracted beads are free of their rubber casing, they can be recycled for monetary income at full market value. Buy your tire bead wire remover from EECO today!


Extract steel bead from tire sidewalls

  • Recycle beads for monetary income
  • Pre-process before chipping/shredding
  • Produce 100% steel free products from the pieces


Input: Sidewalls
  • Sidewalls from passenger cars and light trucks.
  • Minimum rim diameter: 13" (33cm)
  • Maximum rim diameter: 22" (55cm)


Output: Steel-Free Sidewall + Steel Bead
  • 1 Sidewall per tire, 100% steel-free.
  • 1 Steel Bead, extracted from rubber casing.


Production Rate: 0.5 Ton/hr
  • Average 180 sidewalls per hour


Size & Weight:
  • Floor space: 33” x 33” (84cm x 84cm)
  • Weight: 520lbs (236Kg)


Cutting surface:
  • Sharpened Tool Steel Blade
  • Hardened Steel Diffusers


  • 5 HP Single-Phase Leeson TEFC Motor
  • 220v @ 60Hz. International customers, please call to discuss electrical needs.
  • 25 Amp Peak Draw
  • Requires plug for local electrical power, sold separately.
Compressed Air:
  • 110PSI (7.5 bar) @ 3-5CFM (142L/m)
  • Requires 1/4 female NPT quick disconnect.

EECO has collaborated with 2 lending companies to provide financing for our customers, depending on their needs. For amounts of $500 - $20,000, a Clicklease financing application is available on every machine page. For amounts over $20,000, Partners Capital Group has a simple and straightforward application that can be found here: https://www.flexiblefinanceoptions.com/eaeco

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