Due to increased order volume please allow longer than normal production times for all machinery


Engineering and Equipment Co. (EECO) manufactures tire recycling equipment; our Sidewall Remover, Tread Cutter, and Bead Wire Remover use simple, standardized and easily accessible parts. All our machines easy to operate and most of them are mobile.

Ever since the first version of our patented Sidewall Remover we have continued to improve our machines every step of the way. From improving safety and reliability, to increasing production output; EECO is always working to develop better tire recycling machines as well as other innovative ideas. At EECO we believe in manufacturing equipment using 3 simple ideas:

  1. Use ingenuity and creativity to create simple operating machines
  2. Implement modern technology and efficient manufacturing methods
  3. Incorporate standard/common parts and hardware wherever practical

These simple rules result in affordable, dependable and easily repairable machines for anyone looking to improve a tire recycling business or to start their own.

Because we are family owned and operated, we are able to devote personal attention to each customer. We work very efficiently to maintain affordable and high quality equipment that will stand the test of time. We understand that the tire recycling business is one of the toughest industries to operate in which is why we focus our efforts to work with our customers and make ourselves available for free technical support for as long as they own our equipment. We have almost 30 years of experience in the tire recycling industry and our knowledge of the logistics of breaking down scrap tires and their physical compositions reflects that history.