TCBR1-2 Tire Carcass Bead Remover
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TCBR1-2 Tire Carcass Bead Remover TCBR1-2 Tire Carcass Bead Remover TCBR1-2 Tire Carcass Bead Remover TCBR1-2 Tire Carcass Bead Remover TCBR1-2 Tire Carcass Bead Remover TCBR1-2 Tire Carcass Bead Remover

TCBR1-2 Tire Carcass Bead Remover

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Category: Stage 1, TCBR

Type: Tire Cutting Machine

The TCBR1-2 Tire Carcass Bead Remover is designed to remove beads from uncured tires (also referred to as green tires, first build, or second build) by making an incision with a utility blade approximately 1 inch from the inside diameter of the bead. When the cut is complete, the activation button is released, and the pieces can be removed.

  1. Loosen the two blade holder thumbscrews.
  2. Slide out the worn blade.
  3. Flip the blade or slide in a replacement.
  4. Retighten the two blade holder thumbscrews. 

The production rate averages at four sidewalls per minute. The blades are standard Extra Heavy Duty Utility Blades. Blade life is approximately 400-600 sidewalls. The blades can be changed in a matter of seconds; simply loosen two bolts, slide out the old blade, slide in a new blade, then retighten the bolts. The only maintenance required is to lubricate the drive chain and several grease fittings regularly. All parts are available from EECO, however, most of the common wear parts (sprockets, chain, bearings, etc.) are standard off-the-shelf parts and are typically available locally which allows for quick repairs. Buy a tire carcass bead remover from EECO today!


Remove steel bead from uncured tires.

  • Pre-process before chipping/shredding
  • Reprocess uncured rubber


Input: Whole Uncured Tires
  • Whole uncured/green/first build/second build tires.
  • Sidewalls from passenger cars and light trucks.
  • Minimum rim diameter: 13" (33cm)
  • Maximum rim diameter: 20" (51cm)


Output: Steel-Free Tire Carcass + Steel Bead
  • 100% steel-free tire carcass.
  • 1 Steel Bead, with rubber casing.


Production Rate:
  • Average 360 sidewalls per hour


Size & Weight:
  • Floor space: 33” x 33” (84cm x 84cm)
  • Weight: 325lbs (114Kg)


Cutting surface:


  • 1 HP Single-Phase Leeson TEFC Motor
  • 110v @ 60Hz. International customers, please call to discuss electrical needs.
  • 13 Amp Peak Draw
  • Requires plug for local electrical power, sold separately.


Compressed Air:
  • 100PSI (7 bar) @ 3-5CFM (142L/m)
  • Requires 1/4 female NPT quick disconnect.

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