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BWB2-1 Bead Wire Baler
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The BWB2-1 Bead Wire Baler is designed to bale bead wires extracted from passenger car and light-truck tires using our BWR5-1 machine. This is a great addition for anyone who currently has our BWR5-1 and needs to create a more marketable scrap steel product to sell directly to scrap yards and foundries!

Operating the BWB2-1 is simple but note that the machine will not start unless both doors are closed and the emergency stop is released:

  1. Cut 2 lengths of bailing wire pulled to the 6' indicator and place them in the grooves at the bottom of the bailing chamber. 
  2. Place bead wires into the opening at the top until the chamber is full then close the upper door.
  3. Press the START button to actuate the compression cycle.
  4. Repeat steps 2&3 until the machine indicates that a bale is full. It will remain in the down position to allow for bailing wire to be fed around the bail.
  5. Feed the 2 lengths of bailing wire from step 1 through the grooves in the top of the compression plate.
  6. Twist each end of each bailing wire to itself.
  7. Press the START button to release the bail.
  8. Open the lower door and extract the bail from the machine.

Production rate for this machine can range up to 4 bales per hour but can vary greatly depending on operator efficiency.  Every bearing on the machine is sealed from water and debris, and maintenance is extremely simple.  The motor is fully enclosed, and directly mounted to the hydraulic system, so there are no chains or sprockets that need constant lubrication. The hydraulic system has a filter that should be changed every 2-3 years. Please visit our parts page for all replacement parts associated with this machine.

The only common consumable for the Bead Wire Baler is the baling wire that you will use for tying each bale.  


Compress tire bead wires into bails.

  • Reduce disposal fees at your local landfill or scrapyard
  • Dramatically reduce footprint and volume of bead wire
  • Sell the bales and generate income from the value of the steel
Input: Bead Wire
  • Bead Wires extracted with EECO's BWR5-1


Output: Bales of Bead Wire
  • Approximately 100lbs per bale
  • Bale dimensions: 2' long x 2' wide 20" high
    (0.6m L x .6m W x .5m H)


Production Rate: Up to 4 bales per hour
  • Average 100lbs per bale
  • Approximately 200 bead wires (100 tires) per bale


Size & Weight:
  • Floor space: 43” x 61” (1.1m x 1.6m)
  • Minimum Ceiling Height: 82" (2.1m)
  • Weight: 1350lbs (612Kg)


    • 2 HP (1.5KW) Single-Phase Motor
    • 220v @ 60Hz. International customers, please call to discuss electrical needs.
    • 25 Amp Peak Draw
    • Requires plug for local electrical power, sold separately.
    • International customers: 50Hz conversion available.

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