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Welcome to EECO Online

Tire Recycling Equipment Manufacture

Welcome to Engineering & Equipment Co. (EECO). EECO manufactures innovative tire recycling equipment that consistently delivers optimum safety, reliability, and output. Each of our expertly designed machines deconstructs a specific section of a tire to reduce overall volume, eliminate water retention, and add a range of processing options to create sellable goods from what would otherwise be a waste product.

A Cut Above

EECO machines are easy to own and operate. They come to you 99% ready to run and require very basic maintenance. Our Sidewall Remover, Bead Wire Remover, Tread Cutter, and truck tire variants use simple, standardized parts that are easily accessible either locally or directly from EECO. Our machines have the smallest footprint, lowest operational costs, and fastest ROI of any other tire recycling equipment suppliers, making us a clear leader among tire recycling machine manufacturers.

EECO has more than 30 years of experience in the tire recycling industry. When you purchase machines from EECO, you get the added benefit of working with a team of experts who are committed to providing personalized customer service and sharing their extensive knowledge of the industry.