TBC10-1 Tread Band Cutter
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TBC10-1 Tread Band Cutter

Motor Type

Category: Stage 3, TBC

Type: Tire Cutting Machine

The TBC10-1 Tread Band Cutter removes rounded tread edges after sidewalls have been removed and the tread cut (at least once) into a strip. Removing the curved edges allows tread bands to lay flat and be manipulated in ways that were previously impractical. These bands can be processed into a number of finished goods (cattle mats, blasting mats, etc) or shredded/chipped into rubber multch. The hardened steel cutting discs will cut 100,000 treads.

Unlike the TBC5-1, the TBC10-1 automatically adjusts to various size treads; maximizing the amount of tread recovered for each tread. There are 2 lights that indicate the machine's 3 states:

  • Green - Ready to load.
  • Red - Tread band cutting in progress.
  • Green+Red - Tread band cutting transitioning to ready.


Remove rounded edges along treads.

  • Allows treads to lay flat
  • Create tread bands of consistent width


Input: Tire Treads
  • Tire Tread from passenger car and light truck tires
  • Tread must be cut at least once, opening the ring into a band. 


Output: Fixed Width Tread Bands
  • 1 Tread Band 
  • 2 curved edges


Production Rate: 
  • Average 180 treads per hour
Size & Weight:
  • Floor space: 6' x 4' (1.8m x 1.2m)
  • Weight: 600lbs (273Kg)
Cutting surface:
  • 2 Hardened Steel Discs


  • 2-5 HP Single-Phase Leeson TEFC Motor
  • 220v @ 60Hz Standard, 220v @ 50Hz Conversion available.
  • 25 Amp Peak Draw per motor
  • Requires plug for local electrical power, sold separately.

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